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Garrett County Landfill Rates

                                                         GARRETT COUNTY LANDFILL
                                                     Tipping Fees Effective July 1, 2012

Brush, all types- $45.00 ton

Chips In - No Charge
Clean Fill Material-No Charge
Construction & Demolition Debris, including pallets-$45.00 ton
Contaminated Soil, Non Hazardous-$45.00 ton
Commercial Waste-$45.00 ton
Industrial Waste, Non Hazardous-$45.00 ton
Land Clearing Debris-$45.00 ton
Municipal Solid Waste (Household trash) $45.00 ton

Refrigerators/Freezers/Air Conditioners/Dehumidifiers-$10.00 each

Shingles-$45.00 ton

Sludge-$45.00 ton

Stumps-$75.00 ton

Tires: less than 17"- $3.00 each

Tires: less than 17" w/rim- $6.00 each

Tires: 17" to 24"- $10.00 each

Tires: 17" to 24" w/rim- $15.00 each

Tires: greater than 24"- $100.00 each

Tires: greater than 24" w/rim- $110.00 each
There is an additional surcharge for the above tires left at the main cell

Tires: passenger car tires by weight- $250.00 ton

Tires: truck tires by weight- $250.00 ton

Tires: equipment tires by weight- $250.00 ton

Surcharge for tires dumped with loads at cell (front-loaders)-$4.00 each

White Goods- $45.00 ton

White Goods: surcharge for white goods dumped at locations other than the main landfill-$5.00

Yard Waste- $45.00 ton

Minimum fee over the scales  $1.00

There will no longer be a charge for bringing mixed metal loads to the Landfill recycling container.

Note:  One ton is 2000 U.S. pounds.