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Watershed Spotlight

The Watershed Spotlight recognizes important efforts to improve the health of our watersheds.  The spotlight will be periodically updated to recognize the many stewards of our watersheds. 
The current spotlight is on:

The Educational Advisory Committee

The Educational Advisory Committee is comprised of volunteers representing a diverse group of Deep Creek Lake Watershed stakeholders.  Stakeholders represent Agriculture (Willie Lantz), Business (Lauren McCann), Education (Bruce Taliaferro), Forestry (Kenneth Fisher), Marketing (Sarah Duck), Recreation (vacant), Property Owners (Richard Matlick, Gary Shafer, and Bob Sutton).  The committee was formed at the request of the Administrative Council to provide citizen feedback related to the outreach and education needs of watershed stakeholders.
Established in November of 2017, the EAC has been busy researching outreach topics such as
Stormwater, Water Quality, and Wastewater Management.  The committee has also begun to evaluate the Deep Creek Watershed Management Plan for outreach and education topics, and they have also learned about the outreach planning process.
The Administrative Council is looking forward to receiving input from this committee and the stakeholders that they represent.

Spotlight Archives

This site was created in order to provide a centralized location for information, resources, and news for all stakeholders in our watersheds in Garrett County, Maryland.  This site is for informational purposes only and does not represent the views or opinions of any single entity.  Every effort has been made to provide accurate information and timely updates.  Please utilize the contact link to provide feedback or suggest any corrections.