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Improve management, funding, coordination, and accountability for the Deep Creek watershed.
Nurture an informed and engaged citizenry regarding the Deep Creek watershed.
Collect the information needed to make informed management decisions that achieve the desired condition of the Deep Creek Lake and watershed.
Manage existing land uses to achieve the desired condition of the Deep Creek Lake and watershed.
Manage SAV in Deep Creek Lake to maintain and improve the ecological stability of the lake, while working with waterfront landowners to minimize the interference of SAV with recreational uses of the lake around docks.
Prevent erosion and sedimentation to the greatest extent possible to protect water resources from increased sediment loading and associated water quality problems.
Promote policies that balance environmental sustainability and economic viability.
Manage stormwater infrastructure to decrease pollution from both existing and proposed development to ensure healthy watershed conditions.
Protect the watershed from the adverse effects of impaired septic systems and ensure adequate capacity and management of public sewerage systems.
Preserve and enhance the quality of recreational opportunities while ensuring that those opportunities are in harmony with environmental stewardship.
Maximize the retention of forest cover to protect high-value aquatic and terrestrial natural resources.
To Study all Deep Creek Lake water releases and water inputs to determine if there is a different scientific method to maintain lake levels for lake recreation, whitewater boating and temperature enhancement that does not adversely affect any of these stakeholders.
Improve access to navigable waters for property owners who typically have shallow water during the summer months.