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Administrative Council

The Administrative Council is a structure designed to facilitate coordination, cooperation and dissemination of information between the three main agencies with regulatory control within the Deep Creek watershed - Garrett County, Maryland Department of the Environment and the Maryland Department of Natural Resources.  The three agencies formalized the structure by signing an initial Memorandum of Understanding on 11/26/2016 and have continued their collaboration by signing a second Memorandum of Understanding on 12/18/2018.  The Administrative Council will oversee the implementation of the Deep Creek Watershed Management Plan by ensuring project design, funding, and oversight is provided and administered by the appropriate individuals in every agency.  The Garrett County Watershed Coordinator will serve as staff to the Council and as the liaison between the Administrative Council and local stakeholders.
If you have questions or comments for the Administrative Council, please contact the Watershed Coordinator.
Phone:  301-334-1923
Agency Representative
Garrett County Government Bruce Micheal & Siera Wigfield
Maryland Department of Natural Resources Julie Bortz
Maryland Department of the Environment Jim George

Administrative Council - Newsletter


MOU Signing Ceremony (9 June 2017)

The Board of County Commissioners hosted a public signing of the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between the Garrett County Government, the Maryland Department of the Environment and the Maryland Department of Natural Resources on Friday, June 9, 2017.

The signing ceremony included a presentation of the Administrative Council. The presentation focused on introducing the council, describing the function of the council and outlining the public engagement process.  The slides from this presentation are available to download in PDF format below:

2017 - Year In Review (5 February 2018)


2018 - Year In Review (7 January 2019)


2019 - Year In Review (6 January 2020)