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Deep Creek Lake Watershed
The Deep Creek Lake Watershed is approximately 41,435 acres located in central Garrett County.  The entire watershed lies within Garrett County.  The Deep Creek Watershed Management Plan, adopted 7 March 2016, is the primary plan guiding watershed activities within this watershed.  The Plan identifies 13 goals, specific objectives to accomplish each goal, and specific strategies to accomplish each objective.  An Administrative Council has been formed to determine the best approach to implementing the watershed management plan.
Deep Creek flows into the Youghiogheny River west of the dam that forms Deep Creek Lake.  The Youghiogheny River then flows into the Monongahela River in McKeesport, Pennsylvania.  The Monongahela River then flows into the Ohio River in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  The Ohio River then flows into the Mississippi River at Cairo, Illinois.  The Mississippi River flows into the Gulf of Mexico at the Mississippi River Delta in Louisiana.
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