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Garrett County, Maryland Seal
Garrett County Government
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Mapping Resources

Interactive Maps
GIS Data
     The National Map (USGS)                                                                   
Static Maps

Google Earth Layers and Overlays

Watershed Boundaries (Google Earth Layers)
     Maryland Watersheds (Includes only the MD portion of each watershed)
     Entire Watersheds (Includes entire watershed boundaries)
     Gulf of Mexico Drainage (West of the Continental Divide)
               Ohio River Watershed (USGS)
                    Youghiogheny River Watershed
                         Casselman River
                         Deep Creek Lake
                         Little Youghiogheny River
     Atlantic Seaboard Drainage (East of the Continental Divide)       
          Chesapeake Bay (USGS)
               Potomac River Watershed
                    North Branch Potomac River Watershed
                         Upper NB Potomac River Watershed
                              Georges Creek
                              Savage River