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The Property Owners' Association of Deep Creek Lake, Inc.

The Property Owners' Association of Deep Creek Lake, Inc.

You may have noticed signs throughout Garrett County informing visitors about the threat of Aquatic Invasive Species (AIS) and informing boaters that in order to prevent the introduction of AIS, it is important to launch only properly cleaned, drained and dried vessels onto Deep Creek Lake. 
AIS Educational Sign and sign installation by Sky Valley Association, Inc. staff.   Photo Credit: Bob Sutton
AIS Signage:
In an effort to help further the AIS educational effort at Deep Creek Lake, the DCL POA spearheaded an effort to design and install AIS related road signs on roads leading to DCL.  The POA consulted with DNR regarding the location and design of the signs, and coordinated with County officials and other local agencies to identify suitable roadside locations.  In all, the POA donated $3,800 for these signs and signposts while Sky Valley Association donated the equipment and labor to install the signs on various state and local roads. Signs were also given to DNR to be installed at the launch ramp area of the State Park by DNR employees. These signs are meant to serve as a reminder to people bringing boats/trailers from other bodies of water to be certain to properly CLEAN, DRAIN and DRY vessels prior to launching into Deep Creek Lake in order to prevent introduction of AIS into our lake.

The signs have been placed at 8 locations covering the most highly-traveled routes, as determined by the Boat Launch Steward data, of visitors traveling to Deep Creek Lake with boats.
AIS Disposal Stations:

In Addition to the AIS signage, the Property Owners’ Association also provided the materials, at a cost of $2,200, for the construction of several AIS disposal stations that will be available at boat ramps 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  The disposal stations were built in partnership with the Maryland Conservation Corps, that is currently located at Deep Creek Lake State Park.  The purpose of the stations is to bring awareness to the issue of AIS prevention and to provide a place to share AIS educational material, dispose of any plant material, dirt or organisms transported in water and collect boater use information to help better track the AIS threat posed to a water body.

The AIS station is intended to be placed at a boat ramp, close enough to the ramp to solicit attention but far enough away so that any material placed in the gravel box base could not enter the water body and thus would not pose an AIS threat to the water body.  The AIS disposal station is intended to be left unattended and still gather the boater information needed for Natural Resource Managers and communicate the AIS educational message effectively to the pubic so as to foster a sense of stewardship of the resource.
AIS disposal stations will be available at the launch facilities of Deep Creek Marina, Deep Creek Yacht Club, The Aquatic Center, and The Sky Valley HOA.

Additional Resources:  For additional information about the AIS Disposal Stations please contact Julie Bortz at 301-387-4112 or via email at  To learn more about how you can stop the spread of AIS please consider watching the video at Stopping the Spread of AIS or click here to go to DNR’s website about Invasive Species.